Made in Millersville Journal Process and Submission Guidelines

The Made in Millersville Digital Conference Proceedings Journal (MiMCPJ) is accepting new authors!

In order to submit your paper, creative work, or other Made in Millersville presentation, you must submit a written work- whether that be an article about your presentation or a short written work about your creative process. There will be an abstract, a short introduction, body paragraphs that are rich in detail, a conclusion, and a bibliography if you used outside sources. Our team of interns will work directly with you through a combination of meetings, emails, and video chat (if necessary) to ensure that your best work is published.

The interns will revise your work and return it to you for changes and once the proofreading process is complete, then the paper is sent to the editor-in-chief. She will reread the document and make changes with your permission.

After your work is ready for the website, it will be published under the “Current Issue” tab above. If you do choose to publish with us, our interns will explain the process in more detail; however, if you have any immediate questions, contact us.

We look forward to working with you!

The Made in Millersville Journal Team

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