Multiple Meanings: A Deconstruction of Definitions

by Brett Morgan

“Thinking through our contemporary culture’s language and symbols, my recent work explores our culture’s deep desire to label, define, and categorize everything. The objects and ideas that at first seem to be clearly defined, mutually exclusive, or somewhat contradictory become my inspiration. Can a work of art be a mass-produced, ready-made, as well as a unique, handmade object?”

Kilnin’ It

by Advanced Ceramics

“Kilnin’ It is a sculpture exhibition of work by the Spring 2017 Advanced Ceramics class. Artists plan on exhibiting a range of work that is based in clay with mixed media elements. This show explores the repetition and refinement of wheel thrown forms; playing with arrangement and elements of design via handmade forms and found objects, and experiments with various displays. Material is a driving factor in the work made…”

Exploring the Many Applications of Powder Coating Techniques in Fine Art Metalwork

by Mary Kay Witmer

“Powder coating is a surface technique that creates colorful durable finishes on metals. This process is traditionally used on an industrial scale to coat and color large metal objects, but can easily be adapted for jewelers to create a bold finish on small metal objects. It’s approachable as a medium used in the metals classroom to create unusual, durable finishes. The materials are low cost and a better alternative to the mess of liquid paints. In the process of my experimentation I applied numerous powder coats to various metal textures, learned what this medium was capable of and defined ways I could apply powder coat to my jewelry designs…”

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