Studies en route to Altersolanol Derivatives

by Brandon Frey

“After the discovery and elucidation of the naturally occurring compound from the altersolanol family, altersolanol P (AP) has become the focus in our laboratory. With biological activity against gram-positive bacterium, it proves to have a serious benefit in comprising an effective and efficient synthesis…”

Synthesis and Reactivity of a Variety of 1-Aroyldiaziridine Derivatives

by Lauren Ostopowicz

“The objective of this project is to synthesize 1-aroyldiaziridine derivatives that contain a variety of different substituents in order to study how the electronic effects of the substituents might affect the bond-breaking selectivity of the diaziridine ring. In other words, will the substituents help to direct C – N, or N – N bond breaking of the ring system. Diazirdines, a class of three-membered ring heterocycles that contain one carbon and two nitrogen atoms, are useful intermediates in the synthesis of more complex heterocyclic compounds, some of which have been utilized in the pharmaceutical industry…”

Construction of an Inexpensive Lego Spectrometer

by Michael Buell

“A spectrophotometer is an instrument used in many science laboratories that measures the amount of light that passes through a sample at a particular wavelength. A spectrometer will be constructed using simple low-cost materials: LEGO blocks, a light emitting diode, a diffraction grating, and a photodiode detector. The instrument will be controlled using a microcomputer with open source software. The software will control the wavelength of light detected and collect/process the signal. The basic spectrometer concept will be implemented in teaching environments allowing students to understand the principles that go into commercial grade spectrometers…”

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