Against the Current – Quantifying Threats Facing Threatened and Endangered Fish Taxa

by Delaney Costante

“The aim of this study was to analyze threats facing fish taxa protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Utilizing species’ federal listing documents, we developed a database of identified threats to threatened and endangered (T&E) fish species based on six general groups: Habitat Destruction/Modification, Overutilization, Pollution, Species-Species Interactions, Environmental Stochasticity, and Demographic Stochasticity. For our analysis, fish were divided into freshwater and diadromous/marine groups. Threats to fish were also compared with threats impacting other vertebrate taxa (e.g., amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles)…”

Food as Medication: A Concept Analysis

by Gary Grimm

“From the moment we are conceived until the time of our death, we maintain an ongoing relationship with food as it plays a major part in our lives. In America, we spend incredible amounts of money on healthcare, yet we continue to have one of the unhealthiest populations in the world. There seems to be disconnect amongst providers and the healthcare system about the effects food can have as a treatment…”

Multipotency of Trunk Neural Crest Cells in Trachemys scripta

by Seth Martin

“Craniosynostosis, which is characterized by the premature fusion of the intramembranous bones of the cranium at one or more sutures, is a relatively common developmental disorder, affecting 1 in 2000-2500 children (Boulet et al., 2008). The initiation and progression of intramembranous ossification – the growth of flat bones like the skull bones – remains poorly understood, while endochondral bone formation – the process by which long bones form using a cartilage template – is well described. If the processes controlling intramembranous osteogenesis were better understood, improved treatment of craniosynostosis might be possible…”

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